October 24th

Well, some of us did manage to get some rides in on the nicer days during autumn. A few route sheets were made available for people to go and do on their own, or with a few others, at times of their own choosing, and some good rides were had. I will long remember a fabulous day out to the Elan Valley. Planning has started for 2021, with us sincerely hoping for a more normal year. But come what may, there will be a dozen or so social runs planned from March onwards, and if we can't go as a group, then the routes will be available so days out can still be had.

Sadly, for obvious reasons, Club Nights remain suspended and the remaining social run for this year is cancelled.

September 13th

We had a Committee meeting on the 12th at which we thought we may be able to get back to a more 'normal' autumn programme, but between calling the meeting and it taking place we've had the new Government guidelines and the 'Rule of Six', so we are still restricted in what we can do. But never mind, it's not winter yet, and we can still go for a ride, or with a few mates, so long as we stick to the rules. People on our email circulation list will have received details of another set of scatter rally locations and clues, and also a route sheet for a scenic ride out to the Elan Valley and back. Contact David Spencer if you would like details, or if you would like to go on the email list.

August 17th

Mike Cutler's Mid Week Run, which would have been held on 19th August, cannot take place as normal due to rules on groups gathering, difficulty with venues and so on. Mike has however provided a route for people to ride alone or with a few others within Government guidelines, and at a time and date of your choosing. Please do so and enjoy your ride! This has been circulated via email to those on our contact list or contact David Spencer for details.

August 15th

If you are not yet on the Section's email contact list but would like to be, please contact David Spencer, the Section Secretary. You will then receive occasional reminders or new information about our activities direct to your email.

August 14th

By now, 45 people have let us know they are tackling at least some of the scatter rally, with 4 reporting back that they have been to all 39 locations. It's pleasing to hear of a few informal small groups of 5 or 6 (within Government Guidelines), getting out for a ride, an al-fresco coffee stop, and a bit of a laugh, we all need those!

July 1st

We have launched a Navigational Scatter Rally, something for members to be able to do alone or in small groups at a time and day of your choosing. There are 39 locations to the south, west and north of our area, each identified by map reference, with a question to find the answer to when visiting them. It's just a bit of fun and an excuse to get out for a ride.